Why I started Blogging

Start; as an intransitive verb: a :  to begin a course or journey <started toward the door> <just starting out>. Everything needs a beginning – and it is the best way to see the whole story, because it will reveal itself in the telling. I have resisted the art of blogging for all the same reasons as I have heard others […]

What is A Brand Wrangler?

It is just good ol’ cowboy logic…comes down to that first impression, backed up by a well-told and visually engaging story that’s consistent on all platforms. Have you ever been overwhelmed with all the options to showcase your services or promote your business online? The marketplace has changed dynamically and those looking for your business […]

5 ways to avoid writing your next blog post.

Creating and maintaining a blog for your brand is becoming an important element to extend your voice in the marketplace. Why? First – because it is your voice and helps to set you apart, especially if yours is a crowded market. Next, it gives clients a reason to affirm why they do business with you…or want to. Last, it […]